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Benefits of a Destination Wedding

 Many couples toy with the idea of planning a destination wedding, but often aren’t sure what the benefits of a destination wedding are. Storybook Abroad is a destination wedding planning company based in Chicago planning destination events for couples all over the world. Today I teamed up with Lisa Jaroscak, the lead planner, to walk through all the benefits of a destination wedding.

Photo by Alexandra Lee Photography


Many people often go back and forth about their desire to host a destination wedding. In all of my time in wedding planning, I have found that many couples considering a destination wedding are ultimately deciding what is most important to them. Should they have their larger wedding closer to home or to have their dream destination wedding with a smaller group?

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular in general. People tend to be traveling more and meeting their partners outside of where they grew up. Their friends and families are less concentrated in their home towns, so their guests would be traveling regardless. With the uptick in those studying abroad, traveling/backpacking, moving to different states and countries, and the power of social media, destination weddings continue to become appealing to a lot of couples. There are so many benefits to hosting a destination wedding for the couple and the guest experience.



Typically destination weddings are 2 to 4 days in length. The first day everyone arrives and is usually followed by a welcome dinner. The second day, the couple and the guests go on an excursion and have the evening’s rehearsal dinner. The third day is the wedding day, and either people depart the day after or have a day to relax together.

When you have a group celebrating this way, you get to spend time with each guest and talk to them at length. The trip creates an excellent way for your family and friends to become integrated and get to know each other while on an epic vacation, likely with otherworldly views.

Photo by Gianluca Adovasio, Lake Como Italy


While many couples have the opportunity to travel together, being a part of a larger group gives you access to experiences you would never otherwise have. I’ll always remember the moments of seeing my couples’ families arriving — some of these families who hadn’t seen each other in years. It will always be special seeing the families enjoy a glass of wine in their private villas with a view of the vineyard where the wine is from, as I did at Il Borro in Tuscany, Italy. It doesn’t get much better than that! Those are moments that bond people for life!

Photo by Sara Richardson Photo, Cabo Mexico



People always comment to me assuming that a destination wedding is WAY more expensive than something locally. While of course, some locations can be, however, for the most part, your money can go much further outside of the US. This statement is especially true if your alternative is a major metropolitan city like Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, LA, etc. By the time you are factoring the cost per night for a hotel, flight, food, etc ., it can often be much less to do a wedding abroad, and the guest is taking on a similar cost.

Photo by Bonphotage, Perugia, Italy



When you invest in having a great photographer, like Alexandra Lee Photography, and videographer, the pictures from a destination wedding in a beautiful location like Mexico, France, Greece, Italy, Crete, etc., just can’t be created in a major city in the US. The magic of the history in these places and the sites that will take your breath away. Experiencing them in person and then having them captured for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives is worth everything!

Photo by Bonphotage, Italy

Remember, it is YOUR Wedding

If you have been dreaming of a destination wedding, this is your chance to see it come to life! Whether it be domestic or international, it is a moment in time that you will remember for the rest of your life, and it should be the way you are picturing it.

Photo by Andrea Tappo

At Storybook Abroad, we work with couples from all over the country in planning their destination weddings. Whether you work to plan your day with us (which we hope it is us of course!) or another planner, it is vital to have someone who has previously worked in destination wedding planning. They are there to support you and help throughout the process to make sure you and your guests can enjoy each other wherever your wedding is taking you. There are many cultural nuances abroad that are important for your planner to know and know local vendors to make your vision come to life.

Destination weddings are a once in a lifetime experience that bring your loved ones so close that can’t be replicated in a traditional, local wedding. It is a moment in time that that same group will never be together again, and it is in a place that will stick with them forever because they are celebrating the two of you!

Xoxo, Lisa

Lisa Jaroscak is the lead planner of Storybook Abroad. Storybook Abroad is a luxury wedding and elopement wedding planning, design, and production company that strives to create unforgettable destination wedding experiences for couples across the world.


  1. Craig Rigsby says:

    Really interesting read! Agree with all the benefits mentioned by you. Destination weddings could also be possibly safer than traditional weddings. This is because of their smaller gathering size. This makes them an even more attractive option.

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