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What to Wear for You Engagement Photos – 5 Tips for Her

A closet full of clothes and still not sure what to wear for your engagement photos? You’re not alone! There are tons of different things to consider. To dress up or to be casual? Wear something with color or stick to neutrals? The internet is full of information about what is most flattering, what to avoid, etc. At the end of the day, the most important is that you wear something that is comfortable, makes you feel confident, and feels like you! 

I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best, therefore making the best photos! 

Dress Up

I always recommend dressing up for your session. Bringing a dressy outfit and a date night outfit can elevate the sophistication of your session. An Alexandra Lee Signature Offering for 2021 is a mood board created just for you based on your location, style, and vision to help create and put together these outfits. 


Heels help elongate legs and are extra flattering. I recommend bringing flats as a second option if you need a break from the heels or for while we are walking from location to location. 

Neutral, Soft Colors + Avoid Bold Patterns

When choosing a color palette, it is best to stick to colors that are soft and neutral. Often times bright, bold colors and patterns pull away from the attention from your gorgeous faces and onto the outfit. In some cases, those colors will reflect off of the outfit and on to your faces making them look that color (Bright, bold pink is a common offender of this). Sticking to neutral, soft, and even sometimes jewel tone color is the best route. 

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Professional Hair + Makeup 

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves!? I recommend hiring professionals for the day of your shoot so you have salon status hair and amazing makeup that helps highlight your beautiful features. It will be sure to bring up your confidence level and remove the stress of getting ready. Professional hair and makeup look amazing on camera. For all of my ladies, my Alexandra Lee Signature Offering for 2021 includes complimentary hair and makeup, so you’ll be taken care of and look your best! 

Skip Spray Tans

Oftentimes, spray tans will make your skin come out an orange tone in your photos- even if done a few days prior. In my experience, skin tones photograph most beautifully when they are their natural tones. 

Clean Ring + Manicure 

Your engagement ring will be in the spotlight in many of these photos. Treat yourself to a manicure beforehand and polish that gorgeous ring. This will ensure it looks shiny and beautiful in your photos.


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