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Wrigley Building Summer Engagement

The Wrigley Building summer engagement sessions are popular right now. And it’s no surprise why. It’s so pretty, elegant, and there are so many gems around it for photos! Alexa and Pat sure made it look really good too! I had so much fun hanging out with them and their ADORABLE son! I’m so excited to be a part of their summer wedding next year!

Elementary School

Alexa and Pat have actually known each other since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Ah! So cute! They met when they were in 2nd grade together and lived two blocks away from each other. They would hang out in high school with their mutual friends but never actually dated. Once they were home from being away at college, Pat decided to ask Alexa out on a date for tacos and margs. Now they’ve been together for over 6 years!

Gibson’s vs. Sushi

The proposal was a total surprise for Alexa. Alexa’s parents were trying to convince her to go to Gibson’s for dinner. Alexa was determined to get sushi instead that night and didn’t want steak. Little did Alexa know, Pat had rented out a private room for both of their families. When Alexa arrived, Pat was on his knee with her gorgeous ring. After tears, smiles, and a big yes, they had dinner and celebrated with their closest friends and family.

They love to try new restaurants together and walking around window shopping. When they’re not out, they’re spending lots of time watching Netflix and hanging out with their adorable son. Their favorite thing about each other is how great of parents they are to him. Pat thinks Alexa is an amazing mom and always knows how to make him smile. Alexa adores watching Pat be a father to the baby and how much he loves them.

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