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Charleston, South Carolina Engagement

After every engagement session, I ask myself the same question. “How did I get so lucky?!” And it was NO different this time around. I met Katie and Matt in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina for their engagement session! It was truly a pinch-me moment because Charleston is such a beautiful city.

Timing was everything in their story.

Katie and Matt met when they were both in school at Eastern Illinois University. They unknowingly crossed paths numerous times through friends, parties, living in the same area, but they never met until the right time. Katie told me “timing was everything in their story”.

It wasn’t until junior year and matt was leaving a bar and Katie asked if she and her friends can come. And during a Wii game of karaoke at the end of the night at Katie’s was when they started falling for each other and have been together for almost 6 years now.

While living in South Carolina, Matt decided to propose when her parents were there for Katie’s birthday. Katie’s parents asked her to meet in front of the famous Medusa tree for pictures. Katie was surprised Matt was enthused about the idea. While approaching the tree she was wondering where her parents where. They weren’t there. Instead, they were at her favorite Italian restaurant waiting to celebrate Matt’s proposal at the park.

Katie and Matt love to hang out with their dog, eat pizza together, try breweries and wineries, eat out watch movies and the Office and play Mario party together. They’re getting married this October back home in the Chicago area and I cannot wait!


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