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Cantigny Park Engagement Session

Sep 12, 2019

Amanda and Roy are the absolute best! These two are both so sweet and both so so adorable together! Their Cantigny engagement session was amazing! Amanda even had my friend Kat (Wilrett Flower Co.) make a bouquet for their session! 10/10 recommend!!

The two of them had mutual friends. One of Roy’s friends during the summer before high school invited him to a friend’s grad party. Roy decided to go and turns out, it was Amanda’s grad party. The two met briefly and carried on with their summers.

When they started high school, they ended up having their first-period class together and that’s where they began talking. Their first date was watching a movie at Amanda’s house and it was history ever since.

The two of them have been together for 11 years ago this September.

It is a tradition for them to take anniversary pictures every year. Every time, Amanda takes a picture fram and puts the year number in it. During their 10 year anniversary session, Roy sneakily changed the pictures to a photo saying “Will you marry me?” without her knowing. During their pictures, Amanda never noticed and then Roy turned the frame to her and then asked her to be his wife.

The two of them love spending time otgether trying new food places, shopping, dancing around in the kitchen, hanging with friends and family (even if it means Amanda and her mom tease Roy) and watching Netflix. They love how kind and fun each other are and the passion they have for their jobs. They say they are two best friends who were meant to fall in love!

I can’t wait for their September 2020 wedding! It’s going to be AMAZING!!!


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