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Golden Hour Chicago Engagement Session

Aug 8, 2019

Maggie and Andy are people after my own heart! They love going out to dinner for a good meal, hanging with friends, traveling, and drinking lots and lots of wine! These two cuties met when they were just kids in high school. They met early on and begin dating in 2010. Their first actual date was the mall and a Starbucks trip. However, they count their real date as a dinner at The Curragh in Edison Park.  They stayed together throughout high school. When it came time to go to college, they decided to do long distance. Now they both live together in Chicago.

Maggie and Andy love to go to Napa. It’s somewhere they go when they want a short, fun trip together. They decided to do a somewhat spontaneous trip to Napa in the fall. When they were going to the different wineries, Andy proposed at their favorite one, Robert Mondavi.

You can find these two exploring the city, watching TV together, drinkning wine, on a trip or out with friends. They love how different, yet similar they are. Andy thinks Maggie is gorgeous, down to earth, and brings the best out in him. And Maggie loves how they can just be themselves around each other and how loving, fun, and caring Andy is.

The two of them get married next fall at the most fitting venue ever, a winery. I can’t wait!!!


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