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Dusty Rose Chevy Chase Country Club Wedding

Jul 17, 2019

Caitlin and Ryan are surrounded by sooo many people who truly love and care for them. Caitlin and Ryan LOVE to have fun. They always are out and about doing things with friends and family. They’re silly together and make each other laugh. It was no different on their wedding day. The two of them just wanted to have fun and be surrounded by those they loved.

Caitlin and Ryan were surrounded by their SQUAD of 25 people the morning of their wedding. They all sipped on White Claws and laughed the whole morning. Caitlin’s bridesmaids had the CUTEST first look with Caitlin! I mean how could they not?! Her dress looked absolutely stunning on her!

Although Caitlin and Ryan were having a traditional Catholic ceremony, they still decided to do a first look so they could spend the rest of the day with each other and their closest friends. Ryan had the most sweet smile on his face when he saw his stunning bride!

Talk about friendship goals! Their bridal party had friends that go as early back as kindergarten! Every person in their bridal party was gorgeous, kind, and tons of fun! You can also never go wrong with this beautiful rose pink color and your men in tuxes!

My favorite part about Caitlin and Ryan’s ceremony was seeing the constant smiles on people’s faces.

We then went off to Glencoe Beach to get more portraits of these two together. They powered through some SERIOUS heat and STILL looked good and kept great attitudes despite the sweat. All I can say is, thank goodness for the lake effect! Caitlin and Ryan are just so comfortable around each other and are always making each other laugh.

Then it was PARTY TIME! Since Caitlin and Ryan decided to do a first look, they were able to have some snacks, some drinks, and mingle with their friends. The rest of the evening was exactly as you’d expect with these two and their friends and family. Lots of laughs, tears, lots of hugs, and tons of fun. AND of course, some GOLDEN HOUR portraits!!! They had the BEST golden hour, so we were all super thankful they were up for sneaking away for a few minutes!

Caitlin & Ryan, you two are such a sweet, fun and relaxed couple! Your day truly showed how loved you are by the many people around you. Thank you so much for letting me in on this amazing day 🙂



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