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Field Museum Engagement Session

May 9, 2019

Before Alex and Joey’s engagement session at the museum campus, I had to run to Target. When I got to the city, I didn’t realize how cold and windy it was going to be. This resulted in me needing to buy more layers. Did this cold weather stop Alex and Joey from having a good time? Not one bit! Every session I’m amazed at how awesome my couples are! They are down for anything, have great attitudes, and are so fun to be around!

These two happened to stumble upon each other. Literally! Alex was going on a road trip with her family to visit her sister in Texas. While she was bored in the car, she went on random apps to keep her entertained… including dating apps. Because why not kill boredom by looking at what type of people are out there in the various states?! Alex swiped right on Joey, and BOOM! It was a match.

They talked for some time and when Alex said she went to Purdue, Joey said he had friends that went there! So they finally met when Joey went and visited friends. They met in person and continued to talk. What turned into a random stumble upon in random states, turned into a real long distance relationship.

Joey is in the Air Force and recently became a certified paramedic! While Alex was there celebrating this with him in Arizona they went on a hike. When they got to the top of the mountain, that’s where Joey asked Alex to marry him!

Alex and Joey were an absolute dream to have in front of my camera! They are both so cute and photogenic! They get married next year in June at The Chez and it’s going to be so so amazing!!!


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