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Downtown Aurora Engagement Session

May 19, 2019

When I met Cheryl & Maurice, we spent 2 hours in their consultation talking about anything and EVERYTHING. These two are both so friendly, so kind, and so easy to get along with. I adore how sweet and fun they are with each other and perfect they fit with each other. To know them is to love them! I’m so glad I got to spend more time with them before their wedding for their engagement session!

The two of them met on Halloween in 2015. They were with both with friends and family on a booze cruise to do something fun for Halloween. Maurice saw Cheryl from afar… later before the boat docked, Cheryl’s best friend and Maurice’s sister told her to go talk to Maurice. She turned around, Maurice looked at her jokingly and said, “we are going to have cute kids”.

After a date for brunch in the city that was spent talking for hours, it was clear to see that they were perfect together. They can spend hours just sitting and talking to each other about anything and everything. They love to try new, diverse food and watching new shows together.

Maurice flies airplanes and knew that had to be a part of the proposal. Maurice took Cheryl on a plane ride to fly over his parent’s house. In the grass, it spelled out, “Will you marry me?” At first, Cheryl was confused and thought it was for the neighbors… but then the surprise hit her and she realized it was for her! They spent the rest of the day hanging out for Memorial Day with their friends and family.

Moe and Cheryl say they are both different and the same. They both are into music, they say one is loud and one is oft spoken… but through the differences, they can laugh and work through them. Maurice loves Cheryl’s loyalty, her kindness and her wonderful sense of humor. Although tough on the outside, Chery loves how kind Maurice is. She says he has such a great heart and is a loyal and honest man. She says he truly is just himself no matter where he is.

I love that I can see all of that with the way they interact with each other and the people around them. I can’t wait to get them married this June!!!


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