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Downtown Tampa Le Meridien Engagement Session

Apr 5, 2019

Throughout the years of being a photographer, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the best people out there. Not only just meet them, but have the honor of photographing them as well! Not only local Chicago people, but people in different parts of the country!

Ruth and Chris are no exception to this! While I was in Tampa, Florida, I got the opportunity to photograph them for their engagement photos! Not only are Christ and Ruth both smart, kind, and hard working… but Ruth is a photographer too!!! (a super talented one btw!) Which makes this amazing human only 10x more amazing!

It’s always so fun to be able to meet other photographers from around the world! Being able to compare businesses, chat about business, lean on each other for support, and help each other is the best thing in the world!

Chris and Ruth are both local to Tampa, Florida and just got engaged this past August while they were on vacation in Rhode Island! Ruth had NO idea it was coming, and Chris’ proposal was a surprise to her! To know these two is to love them! They are both so warm and sweet which radiates in the photos of them!

We spent the evening walking around downtown Tampa enjoying the beautiful warm, breezy weather. Ruth is literally my soul sister! The two of us agreed on so many things, had so much in common and even had the same phone case! It was just meant to be 😉 Chris is also a huge fan of The Office, so he won me over not with his kind, warm personality, but with that too 😉

The session started at Le Meridien which felt like if someone took some Chicago and threw it in Florida, and added some palm trees for good measure. Then we walked around to various other spots, like the cute Spanish style church and the classic Tampa theatre sign! The night ended with poppin’ some champagne (and drinking it too) and taking photos at Curtis Park!

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