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First Looks – From Their Perspective

Feb 5, 2019

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Wedding first looks have my heart! I absolutely love them! Having a first look for your wedding day allows you to see each other and talk to each other before the wedding day in private. Imagine being nervous all day. Waiting to see each other later that night… sometimes as late as 6pm! When you do finally see each other, you can’t do anything! You can’t talk, can’t hug, can’t “ooo” and “ahh” at how great you both look. You’re just awkwardly in front of a bunch of people.

However, with a first look, you can do all of those things! Then, you get all of your photos done before the ceremony, allowing you to enjoy cocktail hour and the rest of the night with your friends and family.

I had 3 of my couples give their experience of the first look and share what they had to say about it.

Tina –

“Wedding days are filled with emotion and can fly by in a flash. Having a first look allowed my husband and I to take a step back and enjoy a private moment between the two of us before we presented ourselves to our family and friends. The day was about us and starting it off alone was the perfect beginning to what was a perfect day.”

John –

“I knew we wanted a first look because we would have a moment that was distinctly “ours.”

We realized while planning that our wedding day was really a celebration of all of our family, friends and loved ones who have supported us individually throughout our lives and they’re now coming together to begin supporting US. With that in mind, our first look became our little moment before sharing with everybody.

Having that moment is truly unforgettable. I’ll never forget many parts about our day, but this is the one where there it was only our perspectives and our moment.

Finally, I’ll note that in the chaos of the day, having that moment with your better half is really grounding. Everything is moving so quickly, but the first look stops time for that moment. You have the opportunity to look each other in the eyes and reaffirm everything is going to be perfect, both that day and for the rest of your lives.”

Julie –

“When Andrew and I started planning our wedding, we were on the fence about the new trend of the first look. It broke the traditions and we just weren’t sure what we wanted to do! After the fact, we were so glad we chose to go through with it! One of the many reasons we liked the first look was for the extra picture time and options of photos it gave us. By having the first look, it also allowed a more casual, stress-free time for our large family photos and cocktail hour. Our favorite part about the first look was having a moment to ourselves and enjoy that moment privately instead of being in front of our 400 guests at the time. We also enjoyed the fact that it gave us a second to appreciate each other and release some of the nerves we felt on your wedding day. We were comfortable after the first look and that lead into comfort and relaxation throughout the entire rest of our ceremony and reception. We absolutely love the series of photos we received from the first look also; they’re very sweet and intimate at the same time, it was honestly perfect for us. It was a break of tradition, but it was well worth it!”

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