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Behind the Scenes | 2018

Jan 4, 2019

I’ve been soooo excited to publish this blog! When I get home from a wedding, I upload all of my photos from my cards and my second shooter’s cards, back them up, then I start looking through them….

Then I’ll stumble upon a treat…. a photo of myself… *insert upside down smiley face emoji*

It is the absolute BEST and WORST to find and see behind the scenes photos of yourself! Sometimes you’re like, “Awh! Look at me doing my thang!” and then the next second you’re like, “Oh God…. why?”


Take a look at my wonderful 2018 season and all the less attractive and awkward that came with it! Shout out to my second shooters Nicole J, Nicole M, Meghan, Joy, Ebby, and Lauryn for helping make this post possible and for all your help this past season!!

Here I am… in my natural habitat… just working away. Styling details and climbing on furniture.

“GOTTA BLAST!!!!!!!” – Jimmy Neutron

I’ll probably hold your dog…. and talk with small children who want nothing to do with me.

This little girl up here is like, *plz halp me*

Sometimes it’s like a little game of WHERE’S WALDO, but WHERE’S ALEX?

I’ll attempt to steal your cake. Jk. I’m a salty over sweet gal…. but one thing is for sure, I’ll make a REAL cute face showing you where to stand and how to cut it.

Don’t you EVER worry about how you look, because I GOTCHU BOO! I’ll be all up in there fixing your stray hairs and making sure you’re nothing short of perfect!

Don’t worry bridesmaids, I’ve got you covered too!!!

I’m sure to make your photos REAL fine art with my blob standing in the way.

I promise I smile on wedding days.


I’ll even help you get dressed!

And I always prove that I’m much better behind the camera than in front.

This is why I started working out. I be all up in there do all sorts of weird crouching, squatting, standing, you name it…

I’ll make weird faces, get hyped, and get excited to make you laugh and smile!

And sometimes it takes a village… (AKA THERE ARE CHILDREN.)

I use my hands…. A LOT.

First looks man… they have my heart!!!!

Hard at work.

We’ll carry your dress together, we’ll smile together, we’ll laugh… we’ll cry (tears of joy!)

And shout out to my friend, Amy for being an awesome assistant!

I’ll partake in some dancing to get your guests comfortable with me. Or weird them out…. who knows.

Especially if it’s my own family’s wedding I’m shooting!

When you tell me 2018 is over already?

JOKES ASIDE! It was an AMAZING season! I can’t believe this is a FULL TIME JOB!!! I get to hang out with awesome couples and photograph their day! There’s always laughter, tears of joy, and a little dancing and I couldn’t love it more! Thank you to all my couples and second shooters in 2018! You have my heart!


  1. Denise says:

    You ladies that did these behind the scenes are amazing! If I looked half as good behind the scene, maybe I would have done a post like this! LOL These are fun! Best of luck in 2019!

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