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Morning North Ave Beach Engagement Session

Oct 30, 2018

I truly have the best couples. They’re kind. They’re fun. They’re sweet and they all have great attitudes! Tiffany and Ian are no different! They were 3/4 for my engagement session marathon weekend! We spent the morning at North Ave Beach and then due to rain in the forecast, we last minute switched things up to go to the Union train station for the last leg! These two braved awfully cold winds, cold weather, and were amazing about it all!

The two of them go way back! All the way back to middle school! She would try to set him up with all of her friends because she thought he was so cute. Tiffany was always too shy to make a move. However, senior year, that’s when things changed and they started dating. They’ve been together for 9 years!

Their first technical date was a classic high school date. Seeing the movie “Blind Side” and getting fast food afterwards. Tiffany and Ian said the first time they hung out just the two of them is a better story and representation of their relationship.

It wasn’t supposed to be just the two of them. They had the same English class senior year and had a 3 person group for a project. They had plans to meet at Tiffany’s house to get started and watch a movie afterward, but 3 to their 3 person group had something come up last minute. It was just Tiffany and Ian. They worked, but then got bored and decided to watch “Hot Rod” instead. They spent the night laughing which lead to the movie and burger date!

Leading up to the week of Ian’s birthday, he was getting Tiffany flowers. She got them on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. By the middle of the week, Tiffany thought something was up. She thought if he gets flowers all week, that he was definitely proposing. Friday came. No flowers. So Tiffany brushed it off as Ian just trying to be sweet.

They had plans to do a bottomless brunch with all of their friends. People were coming to their place early the next morning so they decided to take their dog Duke on a walk to wear him down. They had dinner at their favorite Asian Fusion taco join and then walked down the 606 Chicago Trail. It was getting late, so Tiffany was power walking. Ian was dragging behind. Tiffany frustrated turned around to tell him to hurry up, and Ian was down on one knee asking her to marry him!

I ask each couple to tell me what they love about each other. Tiffany told me that they decided to keep what they said a mystery and short and sweet for each other, so I decided to quote them (don’t worry Tiffany – he kept is short and sweet! :)) –

“I could probably go on forever about the things I love about this girl, but in an effort to keep this short and sweet I’ll just give you a few of the headlines. Tiffany is the most determined and driven people that I know not only for herself but in helping others. She has no problem saying exactly what is on her mind, which i usually find hilarious. She has mostly the same taste in movies, music, food, and just about everything (or at least she does a great job pretending). She is just as weird as I am, maybe weirder actually. Bottom line she is amazing. The undisputed world champ of partners.”

“This sounds so cheesy, but I think the thing I love most about him is that he keeps me so grounded. I’m always wound pretty tight about things and he’s so great about giving me perspective and talking me down. Essentially I found a man to deal with my crazy lol. and even though we both know I’m insane, he always tries to convince me that I’m relatively normal lol. I love how caring he is to people he passes on the street. He’s always the guy to hold open the door for everyone, help someone carry something, so incredibly polite to everyone, even people who are rude to him. The fact that he’s like that with people he doesn’t even know is such a great indication of his character. ”

The two of them binge-watch Netflix while drinking wine, they go to concerts of broad styles (EDM, country, rock, etc), and they’re ALWAYS down for some bottomless brunch or hanging out with their adorable dog, Duke!

They’re getting married next September at Ravenswood. I can’t wait to celebrate them, photograph their day and hang with them amongst their friends and family!

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