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September 5, 2017

Olive Park Chicago Engagement Session | Lyndsey & Michael

Lyndsey and Michael are one gorgeous couple inside and out!! And don’t even get me started on cute, spunky, full of energy little Gemma the Golden Doodle! We couldn’t of had better weather for this engagement session at Olive Park! Also – can we take a moment to appreciate both of their outfits? I absolutely adored both of Lyndsey’s dresses (courtesy of Anthropologie and her aunt’s boutique in Georgia!) and Michael looked dapper as ever!!

Lyndsey and Michael aren’t originally from the Chicago area. They are both from Georgia! (and there must be something in that water, which I want a glass of, cause they are both so sweet and adorable!) Lyndsey and Michael met when they were freshman attending the University of Georgia and spent most of their 4 years dating each one another. They were really good friends before they started dating and their first date was food at a place called NONA and movies at Lyndsey’s place.

Michael’s proposal was super thought out and involved the whole family. They were both in Chicago at the time and Lyndsey needed to travel back to Georgia to get her wisdom teeth out. Lyndsey’s parents suggested she come home for the weekend before to take a fun mini vacation on Sea Island. Sea Island is a super gorgeous, luxurious, prestigious vacation spot and she has always wanted to go! Lyndsey was put a little off guard that her parents suggested that, but her excitement didn’t put any ideas in her head. Since Lyndsey loved the location, she tried SUPER hard to get Michael to take off work, fly down and enjoy the trip with them, but Michael insisted he couldn’t. Little did she know, Michael was flying in just a few hours after Lyndsey. The weekend started off normal, Lyndsey with her parents not suspecting anything while Michael and his parents had a house a few miles away. The next morning, Lyndsey and her mom had plans to go to the pool after breakfast. However, her dad said he’d rather relax and stay in (odd to Lyndsey, but still didn’t suspect anything). Lyndsey’s dad stayed behind because Michael wanted to meet with her dad and him for his blessing (Awhhh!!). Lyndsey’s mom told her later that afternoon that they had been invited to an invite-only fashion show the resort was having and that the attire was dressier. Lyndsey said, “I should have started suspecting something then because that was a little strange” and that “it got even more weird when my dad volunteered to go to this “fashion show” and assumed he just wanted to spend some quality time with her. They all got dressed and were on their way. As they were walking along a beautiful river walk, her mom took her hand and says that there wasn’t a fashion show, but keep walking because there is something waiting for you up ahead. Lyndsey was confused, but as she came around a bend, she saw a guy sitting with his back to her on a bench looking at the river. She saw a photographer and knew exactly what was happening! With all the excitement, as soon as she got to Michael, she lost it and says it’s kind of a blur what happened next. She did remember that he told her how much he loved her then it happened–he got down on one knee!! Hate to spoil endings, but she obviously said yes and both their parents came to congratulate them. They spent the rest of the night with their parents eating chocolate covered strawberries and drinking champagne. Michael pulled off a GREAT proposal! She had no idea! 🙂

Their favorite things to do together are hang with their pup, Gemma (while joking about who is gonna let her out to the bathroom), eat new foods, drink wine, travel (like going to NYC and ice skating for the first time!), and cook! They say they have the perfect mix of having a lot of things in common while having their differences too. Lyndsey said “neither of [them] will admit the other is funny even though [they’re] always laughing”.

Michael loves Lyndsey’s “thoughtfulness, kindness and her beautiful smile! She can always melt my heart with her sweetness and is the most beautiful girl ever on top of that. She’s also a great mom to our dog!” and Lyndsey says that “Michael is kind, smart, and patient”. She loves that he “puts up with my OCD tendencies & rarely complains! He’s also kind of funny sometimes (but don’t tell him I said that). Michael is always willing to help me out with whatever I need. I know he will always be there for me and have my back no matter what. He’s affectionate & cuddly and lastly, he’s a damn good puppy-daddy!”

The two of them are tying the knot next April back home in Georgia on the same islands that Michael proposed. It’s going to be a gorgeous wedding and I am sooo excited for them! 🙂

Lyndsey & Michael,
Thank you so much for letting me into your relationship and spending the evening with me to take these stunning photos of you two! You guys were a ton of fun, super sweet, and amazing in front of the camera! (Hence all my gasping and awing during our shoot ;)) Your wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous and I know your marriage is going to be amazing. I wish you two nothing but happiness and if you ever need anything, let me know! 🙂
Congrats again you two! Here’s to 100+ years!

  1. Osiris

    September 6th, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Beautiful and timeless. These are gorgeous!

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