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September 4, 2017

Geneva Fabyan Park Engagement Session | Kayla & Jarred

Kayla said she hopped around schools growing up. She went from big private school, Aurora Christian, to West Aurora High School, a even bigger public school, and then ended up at a ver small private school called Parkview Christian Academy. This is where her and Jarred’s story began.

Both of their mom’s work at Parkview. Jarred’s mom worked their for years and then Kayla’s mom got a job there. Kayla and Jarred during our session discussed when they first met, they finally agreed on their first time meeting was a mutual friend’s party (where Kayla accidentally hit Jarred with a badminton racket, oops!) They became the best of friends and were great friends for 2 years. Kayla says “Jarred has always been so caring and funny” She knew he would for anything for him. They started dating and dated for 2 and a half years. Kayla says having them be best friends first was the best.

Jarred is more sporty and Kayla is more artsy. Jarred enjoys sports, gaming, and traveling. Kayla loves music/theater, Disney, Tim Burton, and all things fantasy. Together they love going on adventures and traveling, going to comic/pop culture conventions and watching movies that have to do with superheroes and sci-fi, fantasy. Kayla got Jarred hooked on her Disney obsession. they are laid back and love hanging out watching TV, movies and playing video games.

With Kayla’s Disney obsession, it only made sense that Jarred would propose while they were in Disney! 🙂 They took a trip to Disney together and Jarred decided he would do it the second time they were in Magic Kingdom when he wasn’t weren’t dressed up because the first time and dressing up would “be too predictable”. The second time they were in the Magic Kingdom park. They had a photographer take a picture of them in front a picturesque spot. As Kayla was walking away, she turned around and saw Jarred on one knee. The photographer snapped away and people cheered them on.

They are getting married in 2019. Kayla envisions a very romantic, enchanting wedding. With lots of gold, sparkles and pretty light. I am so excited for them!

To go along with that vision and their interests, we went to Fabyan Park for their engagement photos. It was also perfect because Jarred’s mom and dad had their wedding photos here as well. I thought that was super sweet and an awesome nod at their love and story. We spent the night dancing, singing (well I was dancing and singing ha!) laughing and being weird. Kayla and Jarred are adorable and you can tell that they really enjoy each other’s company and are perfect for each other!

Kayla & Jarred,
Thank you for allowing me to take photos of you both and allowing me to show case your personalities and your relationship. You two are super sweet, kind, and an adorable couple. Congratulations on your engagement!! I am so excited for you!

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