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Field Museum Anniversary Session | Claudia & Jake |

Aug 9, 2017

This is a special anniversary session right here! We went to the Chicago Museum Campus by the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium! This was an important place because one of Jake and Claudia’s first few dates was at the Field Museum! We had absolutely gorgeous weather and free music from Lollapalooza going on in the background!
I’ve known Jake for about…… 23 years of my life! Jake is my cousin! We are only a couple of months apart along with our other cousin Olivia. So obviously I was super excited to do this for him and his beautiful girlfriend, Claudia! Claudia is the sweetest girl you could ever meet! She is always super nice and friendly to anyone she encounters! She’s also a HUGE dog lover! I’m sure she loves coming to our house and seeing 4 little pups. Jake is super creative and funny. He was always the funny guy in our 14 cousin family. He’s silly and  can always make you laugh! They are both creative people as well. Claudia goes to Columbia to study Film and Jake will be attending there as well this fall to study music production!
4 years ago was when this fun relationship started. Jake and Claudia were both attending Moraine Valley Community College. Fates aligned and they were both in the same speech class. On the first day of class, they had an assignment to interview someone else in the class. Jake and Claudia were paired up. From there on out, they got to know each other in class everyday. Their first official date was to Horrorbles, a little horror movie shop in Berwyn, Illinois. This was the perfect date for these two because they love to go to the movies and watch movies together when they aren’t attending a concert together. They would describe a perfect trip for the two of them being a trip to a National Park. These two have A LOT in common, except for certain bands that they poke fun of each other for.  Claudia – 21 Pilots. Jake – Charli XCX. Ha!
Jake loves that Claudia is always there for him. She’s a wonderful listener and is always there to help out with her advice and guidance. And of course funny, and as Jake said, “smoking hot three jalapeños”! Claudia is all about Jake’s humor. She absolutely loves that he can always make her laugh and that she can be her real self around him.
When asked to describe their relationship in one sentence, they said, “We love each other almost as much as we both love dogs”! Love these two!
Jake & Claudia,
Thank you so much again for letting me capture these beautiful photos for you two!! You two are both kick butt people and I’m glad to have you guys in my life! Continue to be awesome!
Love, Alex


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