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August 17, 2017

Elegant Chicago Engagement Session | Anna & Patrick

Chicago + Beautiful Weather + Wrigley Building + Montrose Beach + Pins & Lashes + Anna & Patrick = Perfection. Literal perfection.

I met Anna and Patrick early in the afternoon at Jenni’s (Pins & Lashes) Martial Arts building for Anna’s hair and makeup. We listened to lots of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and others while we chatted about Anna and Patrick’s engagement and wedding plans.

Anna and Patrick met in their college choir. Patrick was a senior, living life and getting ready to graduate, and Anna was a sophomore. They would sit by each other and other friends and chat before the director would begin their rehearsal. Anna and Patrick always had eyes for each other, but since neither of them publicly put out their relationship status, they were unsure if either of them should make a move. After a year of guessing and wondering, chatting, and getting to know each other, Anna made the first move. When telling me the story, Anna laughed, made a look at Patrick and looked at me and said, “I had to make the first move though!”. Anna and Patrick said their first few dates were just to going to Starbucks, getting coffee, and having great conversations with each other. Their first official date was to get some sushi and go watch a movie.

As many people know, well, Chicago wedding vendors know, Anna does a lot of modeling for bridal shoots and styled wedding shoots. She’s absolutely gorgeous and super sweet, so it’s not surprise that everyone knows her and wants to work with her.  Almost every weekend Anna has a shoot that she planned scheduled, or she’s helping a vendor by modeling for them. When I asked Patrick all of his plans he had thought up, he said he had a few… but none of them seemed to work. He told me one of them was TO GO SKYDIVING! Ooo.. no thank you! Anna didn’t know about that, and looked super shocked and appalled that he would even come up with an idea like that! HA! Good thing he didn’t go through with that idea 😉 One other idea Patrick had was to make a joke out of something Anna always thought. Anna always thought this sign said Propose. She always thought it would be adorable for people to be proposed there, until one day, she realized she had been reading it wrong the whole time. Patrick was going to change the sign to actually say Propose. But Patrick came up with something even better and more unexpected!!

Since Anna is always doing shoots, and sometimes bringing Patrick along, she had NO IDEA what was happening. She has a photographer friend, Mackenzie, she was going on a shoot with. Patrick had plans with Mackenzie the whole time. As they were walking to the spot where he was going to do it, Anna looked at everyone, laughed and joked, “Oh look, Patrick! This would be the perfect place to propose!!” Anna was taken back when everyone kind of looked like deer in headlights from her joke. Anna made sure they knew she was kidding and finally someone steered the conversation the other way and everything went back to normal. Mackenzie then told Anna she was going to do some photos of Anna by herself, which is totally normal. THEN BAM!!! She turned around and there Patrick was, on one knee with a ring asking Anna to be with him forever! SO STINKIN’ CUTE! Not only was she not expecting it, but they also were able to get photos as well!! I am so excited for them! After a year of fake marriages and engagements together, it’s time for the real deal!! 

I had a blast with these adorable people. You can really tell Patrick adores Anna. He treats her like a princess and always looks at her with a loving smile. Anna is very lucky to have him and you can tell she loves him with all her heart. They have such a sweet relationship and love to have fun together. And as always, Tamara and Jenni  from Pins & Lashes KILLED it with the hair and make up. They are my favorite people ever and if you need hair and make up, they are my go to recommendation! Not only did Patrick and Anna look stunning, but they were so much fun to work with. They are both super sweet, kind, and absolutely fun! I hope you have as much fun looking through these as I do 🙂

Anna and Patrick,

Thank you so much for letting me take photos of you two as a newly engaged couple. You two have a very special relationship, and I know you will both make each other very very happy. Anna, I am so glad to have met you! You have helped me a ton and you are so sweet and smart! I am so happy for you! You get to be a real bride now! 🙂 Patrick, you are a very kind man and you will be a great husband to Anna! Thank you so much again and enjoy engaged life!! It’ll be so much fun! 🙂

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