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August 14, 2017

Chicago Sunrise Anniversary | Tavio & Taylor | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Let me tell you, waking up at 3am for this shoot was 100% worth it!!! And so was the brunch at Brunch followed by pictures in Lincoln Park!

Tavio, Taylor and I met at 4:00am to drive to Zion to go do sunrise anniversary photos at Illinois Beach State Park! It was chilly, and Tav and Taylor held eachother close until the sun was out enough to start photos. We had fun strolling along the beach having fun enjoying the sunrise with no people in sight.

We then made our way to downtown Chicago. We were googling the best place to get a good breakfast and a mimosa (cause we woke up early and deserved it!!). We found this place called Brunch in Chicago. It was SOOO good! They had the biggest mimosa I’ve ever had and the food was sooo good. Taylor had donut French toast and if that doesn’t constitute it as the best brunch place ever, I don’t know what does!

After filling up, we headed over to Lincoln Park to get adorable photos of them around various spots.
Tavio and Taylor are the sweetest things ever. They just spent 3 weeks in Europe going to Italy and Greece and I am so jealous! These two really love and care about each other. You can always catch these two sharing a kiss, holding hands, or giving each other sweet touches. They met over a year ago at Butler, in Indianapolis. Their first date was to get ice cream. It was followed by many more hangouts and the rest is history! They both have one more year and then they are done! So proud of them!

I had a blast capturing more photos of these two and I couldn’t wait to share them!

Tav and Taylor, my TTs…
Thank you again for allowing me to capture your amazing relationship. Tav, I am very happy you’ve found someone that makes you super happy! Taylor you are as sweet as can be and I’m so glad you and Tav are together. You two have a very bright future ahead of you! I had a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy the photos!
Xo, Alex 


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