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Chicago Anniversary Session | Kristen & Justin | Michigan Ave & Olive Park

Aug 22, 2017

Uhm. Hello, Mr. & Mrs. Perfect. I am so excited to share these photos from Kristen and Justin’s 4 year anniversary session at the Wrigley Building and Olive Park in Chicago. (Both of which are some of my favorite places to take photos!!)
I started my day by meeting Kristen to go to the city to meet Justin. Kristen looked absolutely stunning thanks to Makeup by Jaycie! And can we talk about her dresses!? Kristen rented them from Rent the Runway. (Which 10/10 I recommend for engagement sessions or anniversary sessions). I love the dresses she chose! They both looked amazing. We joked around the whole evening and Justin and Kristen were all giggles the whole night. (Especially when I kept yelling, “Angelina & Brad Pitt, look here!”)
Justin and Kristen met at their college in Michigan. Justin was a senior and she was a sophomore. They both were in the musical, Music Man. These two are super talented and had awesome roles. After time, they ended up being in the same friend group. One night when they were hanging out with their friends, someone had the idea of walking and ordering in the McDonald’s drive thru. As Kristen says, “Justin in MR. RULES”, so you can probably imagine how shocked Kristen was when Justin said, “I guess if Kristen is doing it, I’ll do it too!” That’s when she had a feeling that Justin had a thing for Kristen, especially since a friend soon there after was trying to play Ms. Matchmaker.
One summer, Justin came back from Greece and would always be in contact via text with Kristen. One day, Kristen admitted to the matchmaking friend that she liked him. They took things slow and would hang out all the time just doing simple, fun things like movies and dinners. After a long walk one evening, they became official. Justin would do sweet things for Kristen like buying her all the Harry Potter books for her birthday and helped friends throw a surprise birthday party. Over time, all of their friends in their friend group were dating each other and all ended up marrying each other. They knew that they were eventually going to get married and really wanted to. They did things “a little backwards” as they said. Since they knew that they were going to marry one another, had a date picked…. when Justin was being slow with proposing, Kristen went and bought her dress before hand! Haha!
The day of the proposal things weren’t going Justin’s way. He couldn’t find parking and things just seemed chaotic. Justin knew he wanted to do it by this bridge. Kristen had a feeling that it was going to happen and was texting friends about it while she waited for Justin to find parking. After some time, Kristen then doubted that it was happening because of all the twists and turns Justin was going through. Eventually it all lined up. They went to the bridge where Justin wanted to propose and as he was doing so a horse and buggie drove by. It was “very picture-esque” according to Justin. The two wed 4 years ago, on August 17th in their church. AND IT WAS HAPPY EVER AFTER!!
Kristen & Justin,
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your anniversary! I am so glad we got to spend the evening taking pictures for you, your family, and future children to have for years to come. You two are perfect for each other and I am so happy for you guys on 4 years! 🙂 Happy anniversary, K & J! Here’s to many many many more happy years!!


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