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August 24, 2017

Big Rock & Hinckley Engagement Photos | Julie & Andrew

These two are so sweet and so fun! Julie and Andrew are getting married next year in July and we started their engagement session at the Big Rock forest preserve. Twist: It was very icky out. It was drizzling and it looked like it was going to storm an hour before our session. We decided to go anyways, and I am so glad we did! These two are amazing! They giggled at each other the entire time. They were also troopers because they toughed the humidity, the drizzling, and God awful mosquitos! Afterwards, we drove to her parent’s family farm in Hinckley where they will be getting married next year with over 400 friends and family watching and celebrating! Her very sweet parents were there to help and pull out the tractors and give me ladders to stand on! It was a very fun day and I am so glad we decided to tough out the weather and make their session a reality! I haven’t done a farm or nature session in a while, so it was cool to be back out in nature for Julie & Andrew.

Andrew and Julie met in 2009 at Lewis University when they where freshman in college. A mutual friend introduced them because they thought that Andrew would think Julie was cool. In their second semester they had a calculus class together. Julie wasn’t understanding the content so Andrew offered to tutor Julie. After some time, Julie started to notice that Andrew wasn’t much better at the class than she was. Obviously Andrew was trying to spend some time with Julie 😉 Their first date was a group date to the movies because they had a ton of mutual friends together. They ended up officially dating that May and have been together for 7 years. Julie said they are complete opposites. As I mentioned, Julie grew up on a farm, and Andrew grew up in the Chicago suburbs. When Andrew went to pick up Julie for a family event, he jokingly sent her a screenshot of his GPS saying ‘some parts of your road are unpaved’ with a laughing face… little did he know, he would turn on a legitimate gravel road to get to Julie’s house. He quickly realized how different they really were.

Andrew and Julie bought a house and are in the process of remodeling it. They had hopes to be in the house to have their first Christmas together. Julie and Andrew spent their first night in the house in December. They spent the night on a mattress on the floor in the soon to be master bedroom. In the morning, Andrew woke Julie up with a ring in hand and asked if they could wake up together forever.

Julie and Andrew’s favorite thing to do together, is nothing. Julie said, “by that, I mean, our favorite nights are just staying home and cooking dinner with wine and beer in our hands. We enjoy just the small, simple things together. We are complete opposites, Andrew could watch movies all day long and do nothing, while I can’t sit for more than 20 minutes. But we do love mini golfing, road trips, playing Mario Cart, watching the Blackhawks kill it and doing new adventures. We greatly enjoy the zoo and Shedd Aquarium and going on a nightly walks together”. They love to have a good time together and to joke around, pick on each other and laugh. They love to play video games together and to just hang out.

Andrew thinks Julie is the most willful and independent woman he has ever met. He knows lots of girls who are into material things and Julie isn’t like that. “Julie has a set of values that what’s in your hand doesn’t matter, it’s who you’re with and the experiences that truly matter.” Julie isn’t afraid to fight for the things that are important and for what she wants. She’s always there to help Andrew when he is in need, which Andrew really appreciates.

Julie says that “Andrew is the most kind hearted person in the world, he will do anything for anyone.” He is her biggest supporter through all triumphs and failures in life, family relationships, careers and in their own relationship.” She thinks that them starting out as friends made their relationship have a super strong foundation. Julie said “I envy the way he just ‘is who he is’. He has a way about him that is so confident and accepting, yet you would never see it unless you truly know him”. Julie thinks he is beyond smart and super funny, making her laugh everyday and can calm her down even when she doesn’t know she needs it. “He always has [her] best interest at heart, even when it isn’t what he wants. He is selfless and encouraging. He fits into and loves my family as if it is his own. He is truly one of the best people I know and I am thankful for him everyday”.

Julie & Andrew,
Thank you for allowing me to take photos of you two to have for a lifetime! You truly are an adorable couple and perfect for each other. I had a great time meeting your family and spending the evening with you both! I can’t wait for your wedding next July!!

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