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Friend Senior Session: Kayla & Kelsi | University of Iowa | Alexandra Lee Photography

May 20, 2017

I am so happy to finally get this blog up! It’s a long one, but it’s worth it! It has been a rough with week moving back from school after graduating, unpacking and cleaning, AND THEN MY COMPUTER’S BATTERY GAVE OUT!! Luckily, I was able to get to the Apple store yesterday and get it all figured out. So now I am able to get this awesome blog up!
The class of 2017 is officially done at the University of Iowa. 4 years of fun, friendship, and hard work! I had the honor of taking some senior pictures for Kelsi and Kayla to document their amazing friendship and themselves. Kelsi and Kayla became the best of friends when they both studied abroad in AUSTRALIA! First off, how cool that they got to spend a semester in Australia, but secondly, that they made a friendship that will last a life time.
Kelsi and Kayla are like the real life Barbie and Teresa! They are so fun together. They are super close and can make each other laugh no matter what. Taking photos of them together was definitely¬†a lot of fun! The weather for this season was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! And they came prepared! They brought balloons, they brought champagne, and they brought signs. We didn’t start off with just a 1 and 7 balloon. The girls brought the full year 2017 in balloons. The balloons from the car ride became a tangled mess. We sat with Kayla’s brother, Kenny, and tried to untangle all 4 of them from each other. All of a sudden I see Kenny’s face go from relaxed to shocked. Wellp, the number 0 decided he didn’t want to get his pictures taken and flew off into the blue sky. No clue how he came off the string, but it was hilarious. So if anyone find’s a 0 balloon out on campus, let us know! I’m also surprised I got the champagne photos because when they popped I SCREAMED…. but fortunately I bounced back and got the shots!

First off, Kelsi has a smile that lights up and room and is probably the sweetest person I’ve met. Kelsi did it all while she was at Iowa. She majored in Health and Human Physiology, got a minor in Psychology AND a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management!!! And when I said she did it all, she did it all because not only did she manage to get a certificate, minor, and a major but she did while studying abroad, spending time doing kickboxing, running, participating in Dance Marathon, was a physical therapy volunteer, a member of the Alpha Phi chapter, and spent time with friends, playing guitar, working out, and dabbling with photography as well. Her favorite parts of college where when she traveled abroad. She says it was the best decision of her life. When she went she was lucky enough to not only go there during her time, but also Fiji, Hawaii and New Zealand. I am so jealous! She shared that she had the experience of bungee jumping, skydiving, cliff jump at the world’s largest cliff jump and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Even more jealous now. (Except for the jumping off of things and sky diving… I’m terrified of heights!) Kelsi’s plans post collage are to go to grad school for physical therapy so she can start her own PT clinic for sports medicine! She is so excited for the new opportunities, experiences and more traveling post grad. Kelsey is really going to miss everything about college and all her amazing friends she made. She really did make the most of her 4 years! I love all of her photos and can we talk about how perfect her hair looks!?

Kayla! Kayla is so adorable and fun! And so smart!!! Kayla majored in Health and Human Physiology at Iowa as well because she’s working to be a physician assistant and work in health care. She did AWESOME in school and was in Phi Beta Kappa honors society and graduated with High Distinction! During her time at Iowa not only did she hit the books super hard, but she hung out with friends, worked as a UIowa Tour Guide and was a volunteer at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. Kayla is going to miss so much about Iowa City and I don’t blame her, it’s great. All of her amazing friends who live all over the country is what she is going to miss the most. Post graduation she is going back in Massachusetts and is going to live it up by traveling and work towards her goal of graduate school. Her favorite parts about Iowa were tailgating Iowa football games and watching them at Kinnick. Australia is also one of her favorite memories and she is so glad she went. Kayla is also super up for adventure because some things are her bucket list are to get her pilot license, travel to South America and ride a hot air balloon! (Which totally reminds me the Amanda Bynes show with the part about the girl’s mom who gets trapped and lost in one! Haha!) I had a hard time narrowing down favorites of Kayla because there were TOO MANY. She is just to cute!


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