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Spring Couple Portrait Session | Alexandra Lee Photography | Engagement Photography

Apr 19, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I am so happy that spring is finally here! The weather has been rainy earlier this month, but when the sun is out the SUN IS OUT. And it is glorious!!! Especially earlier this week when Sydney, Jimmy and I got together to take their pictures on the Pentacrest of the University of Iowa campus. I wanted to sit out and take pictures of them all day. Not only because it was BEAUTIFUL out, but because Jimmy and Sydney are the sweetest couple ever. I admired the way they talked about their plans for ice cream, wine, and food afterwards (people after my own heart). Then I melted when Jimmy randomly in the middle of conversation looked at Sydney and said, “You look beautiful!”.
Sydney and Jimmy met their freshman year of college at the University of Iowa. Sydney is in Delta Gamma and Jimmy is a Phi Psi. It was Greek Week in April and their sorority and fraternity were paired up with the guy/girl dance they participated in. The theme was about the oh so popular app, Tinder. Jimmy was set up to be the “nerd” who Sydney friend zoned in the skit right away. “He’d be a good study buddy!” The two hit it off and became great friends. It wasn’t until later in the summer that things become official between the two. Luke Bryan was playing in Monitcello, Iowa  in July and they decided to go. It was there that things became real. Then they decided to have their first official date which was to go get some delicious pizza at Pagliai’s Pizza in Iowa City. And what is a good dinner date with out ending it with some ice cream? So, they ended with some ice cream at Whitey’s of course! These two cuties have been together for almost 3 years now!!! So exciting!
Sydney and Jimmy can agree on many things like their love for music, concerts, cooking, working out, and traveling together. However, they can’t agree on: Hard shell or soft shell? Does pineapple go on a pizza or not? And is Drake even a good rapper? The special part about their relationship is that it’s equal. They say “neither of [them] wear the pants in this relationship!”. I think that’s awesome! Sydney loves Jimmy’s nature and “the way he carries himself. He truly touches the hearts of every one that knows him”. Jimmy is enamored with the way Sydney is “always engaged and thinks about things with so much passion and heart”. I definitely see both of those things in these two! Sydney is so sweet, friendly and relaxed. I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. Jimmy loves to keep things relaxed and is friendly and goofy.
The two of them are heading to the Chicago area after graduation this May for work and grad school at Loyola University! Good thing Sydney is turning Jimmy into a Cubs fan!
Sydney and Jimmy, thank you again for letting me capture your amazing relationship! You guys are the perfect mix of couple and best friend. You two are lovely people and I wish you both nothing but happiness! Good luck on your post Iowa endeavors! 🙂 XO, -Alex 

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