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How to Prepare Your Kids for a Photoshoot | Alexandra Lee Photography | Chicago Suburb Wedding and Portrait Photos

Apr 24, 2017

Congratulations on your session! These photos will be cherished in your home for forever!
I always wished my family did more sessions while I was growing up. It is always so much fun to look back at where we were in that point of our lives and see everyone grow up so I am so glad and excited that you are taking the time to provide that in your family!!
I know there are a lot of things to do, prepare for, and get before your photos. “What do we wear?” “Which location should we choose?” How do I make sure my kids are on their best behavior?” “Is there anything that I can do to not melt into a little ball of stress from this?!”  
So. Many. Things!
Do not fret! I see you, and I hear you. That’s why I’m here to guide you in prepping your kids for an hour (and sometimes more!) of photos.
If you want some quick advice on what to wear for your family pictures, I’ve got you covered there as well with this blog post here.

For this post, let’s make sure your children are set and ready to go for your shoot!

1. Pack a bag with essential items
My first step of advice is to bring a bag with things you may need. Bring some snacks, bring some water, and any small objects your kid enjoys. Little small toys are a big help to keep a child calm and relaxed or to help grab their attention when it’s time to look at the camera. Candy or their favorite snacks are great for attention and incentives as well. Be sure to throw anything else you or your kids may need in their as well.

2. Prepare them for what’s to come 
This helps with children who are old enough to understand you. Having a small talk with them before the session about how important these are, how much they mean to you, how fun it will be, and how they will need to act during the session will help set expectations.

3. Plan a fun after session incentive!

This pairs well with tip #2. A lot of families when discussing what to expect will plan something fun as a treat/incentive for after the session if they are good listeners and on their best behavior! These fun incentives can be ice cream cones afterwards, somewhere of their choice for dinner, a fun toy, and more! Plus it’s a good excuse to treat yourself to some ice cream! 😉

4. Full bellies and nap time
It is important and helps a ton if their bellies are full and they have had some good rest before hand. This makes sure there are no meltdowns due to lack of sleep or empty tummies. Make sure you chat with your photographer about nap times when scheduling session times.

5. Give them (and you!) grace and have some fun!!

Little kids are unpredictable. Some days are better than others. We all know things don’t always go as planned sometimes. Feel comfortable in knowing that I and other photographers have SEEN IT ALL. We know that they can sometimes have their days and can work our photographer magic. I will make sure to get great photos regardless of their moods. The goal is to make this fun and stress-free. So at the end of the day, just relax and remember, kids will be kids and you’ll have amazing photos in the end to enjoy for years to come!

If you enjoyed this advice and would like to go even further with some tips, check out this Clickin’ Mom’s article here!
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